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Sorry, NY Times - Calories Still Matter


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Why Your New Year's Resolution Sucks



Seriously, guys. We go through the same song and dance every year. If you're still making New Year's resolutions, you're behind the curve. I've said this before and I'll say it again - there is nothing about the new year that has any bearing over your life beyond the power you give it. So many people are slaves to imaginary masters, and the new year is one of them.

Eating Fast Is Making You Fat


When's the last time you ate? This morning? Maybe lunch? Perhaps you're eating right now. In any case, I want you to think about how fast you were eating, and how fast you tend to eat in general. Do you shovel food down your throat, inhaling your meals and demolishing snacks? Or do you take in food slowly, to the chagrin of your friends and family? Today let's talk about why the former might not be such a good thing for your health, and why you also might want to err on the side of the latter.