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bulking is #fakenews

Bulking is total BS. In fact, I’m telling you right now that bulking is not how you should gain muscle, and that you should never do it again.

Bulking comes to us from bodybuilding, where professional bodybuilders try to pack on muscle at any cost – including excessive fat gain. For them, it’s ok. They spend most of the year soft and pudgy because they only need to cut for competitions. When it comes time for competition, bodybuilders meticulously plan everything – their bulking/cutting timeframes, their nutrition, and their training.

are you a bodybuilder?

If you’re reading this, odds are you’re not a pro bodybuilder. You don’t have the time or willpower to spend all your time eating, training, or consulting with training and diet coaches, and you definitely don’t want to be fat for most of the year just to put on a couple pounds of muscle.

You want to be lean, powerful, and muscular – while bulking leaves you fat and frustrated, because bodybuilding has fooled everyone into believing that to build muscle, you must gain fat. Don’t worry if you’ve been fooled into thinking this – I was, too.

hard-earned lessons

It happened to me. In high school, I wanted to build a ripped body like a Hollywood movie star. Big chest, ripped abs, and wide shoulders. So I got on the internet and googled “How to build muscle”. As I researched through websites, forums, and bodybuilding magazines about building muscle, the message became clearer and clearer. It was really simple: Bulk up, and then cut down.

Not the look I had in mind

I followed a meal plan, consuming 4500 calories by eating 6-8 meals a day. I ate cheat meals every week. I worked out for 2 hours every day and followed an advanced bodybuilding “5-day split” routine.

I blindly drank the Kool-Aid for the next 3 years in high school and gained a mind-boggling 60+ pounds. The sad part is that I thought I was building a lot of muscle. I thought the weight gain meant that I was doing the right thing, and thought to myself: “Wow, bulking really works”. Needless to say, it wasn’t all muscle. Actually, hardly any of it was. It turns out you can't just mindlessly eat 4500 calories a day without putting on a hefty layer of fat.

Not the look I had in mind either

is the bulk over yet?

I thought cutting would be easy so I never put a deadline on my bulk, but – scared of losing my hard-earned muscle – I also never learned how to cut. Unfortunately, this happens to guys all the time since we're not pro bodybuilders and we don't need to cut for competitions. It all hit me when I took my shirt off one day and looked at myself in the mirror. “Man, I'm fat! Where’s all the muscle that bulking promised me?” I wanted a muscular body. Instead, I got a muffin top and a round face.

At best, they were mixed results

For all my time, effort, and commitment to gain muscle, I didn’t look muscular. At all. I was pudgy, with shapeless arms and a soft face. Instead of the chiseled Hollywood movie star body I wanted, I ended up looking like Porky Pig, if he did bicep curls every now and then.

Self Experimentation

I wasted 3 years of my life. I tried to build muscle but got fat instead, and I wasn't going to make the same costly mistake again. My goal was to develop a system that would allow you to build the maximum amount of muscle while never gaining an ounce of fat.

a pipe dream?

At first this sounded almost too good to be true and not even worth my time. Bodybuilding had been around for decades, and bulking up was the only way it was done. But something inside me asked, “What if there really is a way?”.

I started by testing theory after theory on myself in an attempt to prove it was possible. If I didn't gain enough muscle, the theory was wrong. If I gained too much fat, the theory was wrong. The problem had to be attacked from all angles, and all permutations of nutrition and training had to be scrutinized and tested.

Early results of my testing

scientific approach

My research originated from scientific principles - otherwise, I wouldn't be able to convince myself. I couldn't trust the mainstream bodybuilding community and "bro-science" since they had protein powders and other supplements to push. After all, their "bulking" advice is what made me fat in the first place.

After rigorously testing theory after theory on myself, after 4 years of trial and error I finally had something that not only worked, but stood grounded in scientific research: An efficient hypertrophy model centering around a bi-phasic approach of boosting and catalyzing. Let’s take a look at how it works.


Boosting is where the muscle comes. You’ll start to see your arms and your chest grow. You’ll be putting more weight on the bar and going harder in the gym. We do this by increasing the parameters on variables such as total training volume (TTV) spread across compound and accessory lifts, total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), and training frequency.

let's be real

Honestly, there is no way of building muscle without gaining fat. No matter what anyone else says, or whatever they’re selling, it’s impossible (unless they’re selling certain “special supplements”). Instead, boosting maxes out muscle gain while riding the edge of fat gain. Just as we start to see diminishing returns on muscle, and increasing returns on fat, we use built-in cues to switch over to catalyzing.

Would you boost or bulk?


Catalyzing is the secret sauce that keeps you lean all year-round. You'll see and keep your 6-pack. You'll see more striations in your chest as you drop body fat, giving you a more chiseled look in your physique as well as your face. The proof is in the pudding, and you can see how it's worked for me:

Catalyzing was a key breakthrough for FLUX

Catalyzing works by combining a calorie deficit with a specific training protocol (lowered TTV) in order to re-sensitize our bodies to insulin, thus preventing any body fat gain.

I was amazed. When I realized this system not only gave me a muscular, ripped, physique but was also grounded in scientific principle - meaning other people could replicate my results - I knew this was something that would greatly benefit others.

If your goal is to build a head-turning muscular physique, then I'm confident this program can help you build it. Will your gym buddies start envying you? Probably. Will your self-confidence carry over to how you interact with girls? Most likely.

Build Your Physique With FLUX

get it instantly

Email delivery is a hassle. When you purchase a course sometimes the email gets sent to your spam. Maybe it'll deliver in 10 minutes. Or 20 minutes. Maybe it never sends, so you have to call the support hotline, verify your identity, then the representative checks the database before finally sending it.

No more PDF's

With FLUX, the materials are delivered instantly in your personalized online dashboard. It's viewable from your desktop, and also looks great on mobile. We could have used a PDF eBook and saved ourselves the time and energy of building out a dashboard, but at MYOMIND we believe in pushing the standard not only in terms of fitness, but in quality user experience.

continuous learning

Let me be clear. Although you will transform your body with FLUX, this is not a quick-fix, 6-week transformation program. It’s an education for a lifetime of intelligent training and nutrition to gain muscle and lose fat. With the state of the fitness industry today, a true education is hard to find. You can either pay a cheap price to get one of the millions of cookie-cutter PDF eBooks out there that promise the world and under-deliver every time, or you can pay out the nose to work with an overpriced coach.

results — guaranteed

Those two options aren’t good enough. FLUX doesn't just bombard you with stiff workouts and impractical meal plans; it contains scientifically supported material detailing how to tailor your strength training workouts and nutrition to your preferences so you can keep your physique on track. Instead of rigid, inflexible workouts, there are simple workout templates with plenty of room for customization. Instead of strict meal plans, there are straightforward nutrition guidelines and recommendations to make your life easier.

But don't take my word for it -- I'm so convinced that these principles will help you build a powerful, muscular physique that I'm offering an ironclad 30-day money back guarantee with every purchase. Just send me your workouts, macros and feedback at [email protected] and get your money back.

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