There is a huge problem with fitness. It is broken. It is destructive. Currently, fitness wreaks havoc on people's minds, bodies, and lifestyles. It's all about extremes - about exercising as much as possible, eating as much or as little as possible, and being as devoted and dedicated as possible.

These extremes have perverted, distorted, and mutated our perception of fitness into a grotesque caricature of what it should be. Spend 10 minutes on social media looking at who and what is considered "fit", and you'll see physically perfect men and women - whose entire lives revolve around looking good - promising that you can be like them... That is, if you buy whatever product they're peddling.

Current fitness zeitgeist is governed by the idea that improving fitness is something that can and should take over your entire life. In other words, the idea is that fitness can and should become your life. There's a comical amount of emphasis on quantity and effort, and very little - if any - on lasting quality.

MYOMIND is my solution. The MYOMIND approach to fitness is to utilize fitness as self care and self improvement to enhance your life (increasing quality and longevity of life), rather than to replace your life. All of our endeavors in fitness must contribute to this goal.

So how do we do this? We do this by seeking out what actually matters for results in fitness, including strength, movement, and nutrition. We strip away all the excess misinformation and conflicting opinions to distill down to what truly matters - the end result is universal principles that allow us to see through all of the illusions that exist in the fitness world.

These universal principles become the lens through which we evaluate and create effective fitness methodology. Once we realize that it is actually a handful of principles that are responsible for results regardless of specific method, we become free to explore the specific methods that will individually work the best for us - the ones that will allow us to pursue fitness as it is meant to be.