The MYOMIND Philosophy is centered on the Pursuit of Wisdom, where:

Wisdom = Knowledge (science) + Experience (anecdote)

This pursuit is supported by a three-layered approach of Critical Thinking, Distillation, and Dimensionality.

Critical Thinking

There must be a strong sense of self-evaluation/correction. Why do we do what we do? Is it working? Are we doing this because it’s supported by science, or anecdote? Besides that, if it is supported by either, are we doing it correctly to elicit the same response? Are we unnecessarily dogmatic in any way? Don’t do something just because a certain community dictates or expects it. Think for yourself and determine what’s best for you. Incessantly expand your knowledge and constantly examine your experiences. Next we’ll need to pare down to grasp the essence of the practice of fitness.


We must see things for what they represent, not what they superficially seem. Aldous Huxley famously said: “Science may be defined as the reduction of multiplicity to unity.” Out of all the seemingly contradictory information in the fitness industry, what are the objective truths? What are the underlying unities beneath all of these multiplicities? Huxley’s mention of science is a literal one, but it is also a figurative science to systematically extract the underlying themes out of the deluge of fitness information, and to consolidate them with your own knowledge and experience. This is Distillation. The through lines of any and all anecdotal success in fitness are orchestrated by science. Distillation acts as a tool with which we can clearly see this relationship between the two.


We now come to the revelation that fitness pursuits don’t have to take over our entire lives. We should not be defined by fitness; instead we should be refined by it. In other words, the addition of fitness to your life should be perceived as a “dimension”. You shouldn’t have to literally dedicate your entire life to it in order to get results. You shouldn’t be so bound to fitness that it is impossible to have other interests. It should not preclude you from a living a dimensional life with other interests and passions. Avoid being one-dimensional. Fitness should be as intended – a healthy addition to your life, instead of coming at its expense.

More often than not, modern fitness culture revolves around the assumption that more is better; that fitness is an all-or-nothing pursuit. This is further complicated by the fact that so much information seems to be contradictory. The MYOMIND philosophy strips away the inessential and seeks to establish balance, forgoing excess in favor of essence. This philosophy is a lens through which we can view not only the fitness world, but its use extends further, to the world at large. Through it, all unities can be made tangible; the truly important can be reified. MYOMIND is a way to enrich your life through fitness, conceptually and practically.

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